Our Seminary offers a three year Bachelor's degree in mission and theology,

connecting knowledge of the Bible and theology with the practical needs of church and society and an ongoing commitment to spiritual growth.

We also offer a one year certificate in Basic Christian Studies.

Seminary study takes place in monthly sessions from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary is government accredited private higher education institution 

We want to train Christians, who:

  • are searching for God´s will in their lives,
  • want to learn more about Bible,
  • want to broaden their knowledge of church and society,
  • wish to develop themselves through challenges,
  • wish to better serve their church and communities.

Why study at the BMTS?

Our Seminary offers an ecumenical and multicultural environment with students from different denominations and nationalities.

  • Alongside academic studies significant emphasis is placed on practicums.
  • Importance is laid upon supporting personal growth through fellowship and serving together.

In addition to our own qualified international teachers, we have lecturers from universities abroad, who bring the experience of Christian work in different cultures.

Our graduates work as:

  • ordained ministers in different denominations,
  • chaplains in army and prisons,
  • as professionals in different Christian and humanitarian ministry areas as missionaries, children and youth workers, social workers, pastoral counselors etc.)

Is BMTS for you?

Fill this in and send it back to us!

Application form

Are you interested in studying, but are not sure if you are up for it?

  • Try taking an individual class as an auditor – you can participate in the class, with no obligation to complete assignments. Click on Auditing classes for more information.


  • Sign up for our one year certificate in Basic Christian Studies – receive the full benefit of one year of courses. If you decide you want to continue, the courses completed already count towards your bachelor’s degree in Theology and Mission.

Due to the uncertainty of the Corona situation, the BMTS is offering the possibility to study mostly online for the 2021/2022 school year.

If you are interested in studying but travelling to Tallinn each month is problematic – here is your chance!

If government health and safety regulations permit, all students are required to be physically present for 3 study sessions, the remaining 8 may be completed virtually. August, December and June sessions are scheduled to be the required “in house” study sessions although this may change in response to the changing Corona situation.

The remaining study sessions for the 2021/2022 school year may be participated in either virtually or in house. Students who participate virtually must fulfill the following conditions:

Do you feel that a deeper knowledge of the Bible, the Christian faith and mission would help you? But does the thought of pursuing higher education seem like too big a commitment?

The one year Basic Christian Studies certificate

is designed to give a basic foundation, introducing you to how Seminary studies can deepen your understanding of God and faith as well as strengthen your abilities to be a part of the work of the Church.


Courses include:
  • Old and New Testament Survey
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Evangelism
  • Church growth and church planting
  • Inductive Bible Study: The Gospel of Mark and the book of Exodus
  • Introduction to Missions
  • Practical Communication Psychology
  • Apologetics
  • and more!

If you are interested in sitting in on an individual course, please let us know.

Whether you are studying in another school and wish to take a BMTS course for credit, or simply looking for some continuing education, you are welcome to join us.

The process is simple. Look through our schedule and choose a class that interests you. Then send an email to the Dean (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss the details.

We look forward to being a part of your continuing education!

Please note that due to prerequisites, some courses may not be available for auditing. The fee for auditing courses is found on the Tuition page.

Join us in getting to know God, His church and the role He has for you in His mission.

Are you:

  • an active member of a Christian congregation?
  • wanting to serve God with the gifts He has given?
  • serious about being a disciple (as shown by the time you have spent in learning the Bible, prayer and the ministry of the church)?
  • a high school graduate?
  • proficient in your study language (either Estonian, English or Russian) at an upper intermediate (B2) level?
  • prepared to do the work and take the responsibilities that come with pursuing higher education?
  • willing to be part of the Seminary community, following our Christian standards and discipline?

If you are, then we welcome you to join our community!


Teaching is organized in four day study sessions (Wednesday through Saturday) once a month, with an emphasis on individual work. The Seminary offers full-time studies, part-time studies,external studies. 

The tuition fee for full time students in the 2021/22 academic year is 2050€. 

Residents of the Republic of Estonia may apply for a scholarship at the beginning of their first year of studies and annually thereafter. At the beginning of subsequent years of studies, residents of the Republic of Estonia may apply for a scholarship if they have completed at least 75% of the previous year’s curriculum. Applications for the scholarship are submitted to the Rector’s Council. Receiving a scholarship depends upon demonstrating financial need, active participation in a local congregation and maintaining good academic standing.

  • Methodist scholarship 1,000 €
  • Ecumenical scholarship 525 €

Part time students, and those registering for an individual course, pay a tuition of 32€ / ECTS.

All figures given above are adjusted annually and posted on the Seminary webpage by the end of March for the coming school year.

Admission Process

For Estonian and EU residents

New students are accepted to begin studies only at the beginning of each school year (August).

  1. Deadline to submit all required documents: August 10.
    Documents may be submitted by email or by regular mail at the addresses below.
  2. Come for a face-to-face interview scheduled usually during the third week of August.
  3. Complete our Bible knowledge quiz to help us judge your readiness to study. This typically takes place at the same time as the interview.
  4. Patiently wait for the response, which will come in a few days.
  5. If accepted, be ready for your first study session that usually takes place the last week of August. See the Study Session Schedule for details.
  6. Sign the contract provided by the BMTS during your first study session.

Applications from non-EU citizens

The mission of the BMTS is to prepare men and women for ministry in the kingdom of God in Estonia and the wider Baltic region. Non-EU applicants must have a sufficient support network and ministry partnership in Estonia or another EU state in order to meet acceptance requirements. Non-EU applicants must

1. have a valid EU residence permit allowing them to remain in the EU for the duration of their studies,


2. be a citizen of Russia, Ukraine or the USA who provide a written agreement with a recognized Christian congregation in Estonia whereby the congregation takes responsibility for the applicant during their time of study.

This agreement includes offering opportunities for practical ministry service as required in the BMTS curriculum, offering spiritual and other support, as well as providing help with cultural transition and finding the means to settle into life in a new country. Click here to download the written agreement.

The BMTS desires that our students have the best possible situation in which to prepare for Christian ministry, taking into consideration the nature of our study program and the resources available to us. As the BMTS does not offer long-term accommodation and as our cyclical study program requires only 4 days on campus per month, applicants must have a strong local support network before applying to the Seminary.

Effective 2020 the BMTS will only accept non-EU applicants who meet one of the two criteria listed above. The BMTS will provide an invitation for a temporary living permit only to individuals described in criteria 2 above.

Non-EU applicants, who fit criteria 2 above, must submit all required documents between March 1 and April 30, and complete the admission process for non-EU residents in order to begin their studies in August.

Admission Process

For non-EU residents

If you require a living permit for the duration of studies, click here to see if you qualify.

Qualified applicants are accepted to begin their studies only at the start of the school year (August).

  1. Deadline to submit all required documents is between March 1 and April 30.
    Documents may be submitted by email or by regular mail at the addresses below.
  2. Pay the application fee required of those needing a living permit.
    Fee: 50€ in euros only, paid to the BMTS account with all service charges paid by the applicant.
    Account Holder: Eesti Metodisti Kirik
    Account Holder's Address: Narva Mnt. 51, Tallinn 10152, Estonia
    IBAN: EE842200221010980782
    Bank Name: Swedbank
    Bank Address: Liivalaia 8, Tallinn, 15040, Estonia
    Description: Application fee, name of applicant.
    Alternatively, it may be paid via Western Union.
    The application fee is non-refundable.
    Payment due date: May 1.
  3. Interview. Once all documents and the application fee have been received, a Skype interview will be scheduled, typically in the middle of May.
  4. Complete our Bible knowledge quiz to help us judge your readiness to study. This usually takes place at the same time as the interview.
  5. Patiently wait for the response, which will come in a few days.
  6. When you receive your acceptance letter, you need to make a tuition prepayment of 300€ within 10 days. (Use the account information given above.) The remainder of your first semester tuition must be paid by October 15th.
  7. Only after the tuition prepayment has been received will the BMTS issue a letter to Police and Border Authorities with affirmation that student has been accepted to study at BMTS. By prepayment of tuition the student affirms their responsibility to begin studies at BMTS and abide by all its rules and regulations. The prepayment of tuition is refundable only in the case the student is not able to begin studies due to visa issues.
  8. If accepted, arrange your travel plans to be at the Seminary for your first study session that is normally the last week of August. See the Study Session Schedule for details.
  9. Sign the contract provided by the BMTS during your first study session.