Our Seminary offers a three year Bachelor's degree in mission and theology,

connecting knowledge of the Bible and theology with the practical needs of church and society and an ongoing commitment to spiritual growth.

We also offer a one year certificate in Basic Christian Studies.

Seminary study takes place in monthly sessions from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary is government accredited private higher education institution 

We want to train Christians, who:

  • are searching for God´s will in their lives,
  • want to learn more about Bible,
  • want to broaden their knowledge of church and society,
  • wish to develop themselves through challenges,
  • wish to better serve their church and communities.

Why study at the BMTS?

Our Seminary offers an ecumenical and multicultural environment with students from different denominations and nationalities.

  • Alongside academic studies significant emphasis is placed on practicums.
  • Importance is laid upon supporting personal growth through fellowship and serving together.

In addition to our own qualified international teachers, we have lecturers from universities abroad, who bring the experience of Christian work in different cultures.

Our graduates work as:

  • ordained ministers in different denominations,
  • chaplains in army and prisons,
  • as professionals in different Christian and humanitarian ministry areas as missionaries, children and youth workers, social workers, pastoral counselors etc.)

Is BMTS for you?

Fill this in and send it back to us!

Application form

Join us in getting to know God, His church and the role He has for you in His mission.

Are you:

  • an active member of a Christian congregation?
  • committed to serving God according to the gifts He has given?
  • serious about being a disciple (as shown by the time you have spent in learning the Bible, prayer and the ministry of the church)?
  • a high school graduate?
  • proficient in your study language (either Estonian, English or Russian) at an upper intermediate (B2) level?
  • prepared to do the work and take the responsibilities that come with pursuing higher education?
  • willing to be part of the Seminary community, following our Christian standards and discipline?

If you are, then we welcome you to join our community!


Teaching is organized in four day study sessions (Wednesday through Saturday) once a month, with an emphasis on individual work. The Seminary offers full-time studies, part-time studies,external studies. 

Tuition rates and payment of tuition fees

Tuition fee for 2019/20 is 1870 Euros per year.

Resident of the Republic of Estonia may apply for the tuition fee benefit, a member of the Methodist Church can get benefit up to 56 % (paying tuition fee 750 ), a member of another Christian denomination can get benefit up to 35 % (paying 1100 €).

Applications from non-EU citizens

The mission of the BMTS is to prepare men and women for ministry in the kingdom of God in Estonia and the wider Baltic region. Non-EU applicants must have a sufficient support network and ministry partnership in Estonia or another EU state in order to meet acceptance requirements. Non-EU applicants must

1. have a valid EU residence permit allowing them to remain in the EU for the duration of their studies,


2. be a citizen of Russia, Ukraine or the USA who provide a written agreement with a recognized Christian congregation in Estonia whereby the congregation takes responsibility for the applicant during their time of study.

This agreement includes offering opportunities for practical ministry service as required in the BMTS curriculum, offering spiritual and other support, as well as providing help with cultural transition and finding the means to settle into life in a new country. Click here to download the written agreement.

The BMTS desires that our students have the best possible situation in which to prepare for Christian ministry, taking into consideration the nature of our study program and the resources available to us. As the BMTS does not offer long-term accommodation and as our cyclical study program requires only 4 days on campus per month, applicants must have a strong local support network before applying to the Seminary.

Effective 2020 the BMTS will only accept non-EU applicants who meet one of the two criteria listed above. The BMTS will provide an invitation for a temporary living permit only to individuals described in criteria 2 above.

Non-EU applicants, who fit criteria 2 above, must submit all required documents between March 1 and April 30, and complete the admission process for non-EU residents in order to begin their studies in August.