There are multiple options available to get an overview of the lectures that are scheduled for the course.

Academic Calendar shows weekly study plan for each semester. Fall semester begins in late August and lasts untill early December. Spring semester is from the middle of January untill beginning of June. There is no study session during summer holidays in July.

Schedule provides detailed schedule of the lectures that take place during the study week for every course. Each page shows the lectures for one study week (there are around 5 study weeks in semester)

Alternatively the schedule can be accessed also through SIS - Study Info System:

If student logs in to his/her SIS account, then he/she can access his/her personal schedule. This schedule is provided based on the declaration of subjects in SIS.

Theology and Mission curriculum

Emphasizing the mission as a particular focus of the curriculum is an awareness of the openness and readiness of the church and the ecclesiastical institutions to serve the local community (and in the wider society as a whole), taking into account the cultural and social context and the specific needs of the community.

1. General

1.1. Academic Regulations is a basic document regulating studies and all issues concerning educational activities in the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary (henceforth the Seminary).
1.2. Following the Academic Regulations is mandatory for all seminary faculty, staff, and students.
1.3. The Academic Regulations, including changes and additions, are confirmed by the Academic Council.
1.4. Rector’s Council has the right to establish additional regulations for the academic work of the Seminary.

The Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary offers students:

1. Psychological counselling with a purpose to support students with their studies and personal life. Provided by Meeli Tankler  by appointment.
Telephone: 66 88 461; e-mail: meeli.tankler®

1. Registration for courses

Every student has to register for the courses before the beginning of semester by filling in a special form that can be obtained from the secretary.

Formatting of the assignments follows the international APA writing style guidelines. The guidelines provide a selection of most frequently used examples. If guidelines are not specific enough to students need, official APA style guidelines have preference. 

Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Learning (APEL, VÕTA) Guidelines

I General Provisions

1. The decision of the assessment of prior and experiential learning (APEL) takes place according to Applied Higher Education Act 12.2.
2. This procedure regulates the assessment of learning outcomes at the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary, considering student’s prior and experiential learning.
3. APEL takes place according to individual evaluation. 

It is expected that students participate in all lectures. The students cannot be absent from lectures no more than 20%. For further absence the students needs to fill in a form.
Differentiated grading in individual courses or parts of courses takes place in a grading system consisting of six marks as following 

Tuition rates and payment of tuition fees

Tuition fee for 2018/19 is 1700 Euros per year. 

Resident of the Republic of Estonia may apply for the tuition fee benefit, a member of the Methodist Church can get benefit up to 56 % (paying tuition fee 750 ), a member of another Christian denomination can get benefit up to 35 % (paying 1100 €). In order to receive a tuition fee benefit, please download the application form, fill it out and send it to seminary(at) Tuition fee benefit will be granted based if the applicant has proven his/her financial needs and is actively participating in a church in Estonia. 

Need-based special allowance for students matriculated since the academic year 2013/2014. Students have right to apply for need-based special allowance starting from 1. February 2015