1. Registration for courses

Every student has to register for the courses before the beginning of semester by filling in a special form that can be obtained from the secretary.

2. Registering as an auditor

Auditors have to register for courses as auditors. If an auditor has attended all lectures of the given course, the course will appear on the on the grade sheet without a grade.

3. Making changes in the registered courses

Classes can be added not later than on the second week of the semester. When half of the lectures are over, the student cannot drop the course or register as auditor. Dropping the course in this stage will result in a negative grade. All changes have to be registered by filling in the form “Adding/Dropping Courses”

4. Prolonging assignment deadlines and late submissions

Assignment submission deadlines and prolonging of deadlines have to be agreed with the teacher of the course.

5. Academic leave

For taking an academic leave the student has to fill in a special form.

6. Discontinuing studies

For Discontinuing studies the stunt has to fill a special applicaton.