BMTS in 2018

The Seminary specializes in practical theology and biblical study. The lectures are given in Estonian and English languages with the simultaneous translation into English, Russian and Estonian.

The BMTS offers two main programs: the one year Certificate in Basic Christian Studies, which provides a biblical foundation for life and ministry. The three year Diploma of Theology Program, academic and practical training for professional Christian service. Monthly Sessions, 4 days per month allows students to complete the Diploma programs while continuing their full time work or ministry.

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Theological Seminary is located in Tallinn Methodist Church, In address
Narva maantee 51, Tallinn.

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The goal of the seminary is to prepare clergy and lay leaders for ministry in the church as well as in Christian and charitable organizations, offering theological higher education in the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition based on needs of the church and society, and to support spiritual formation in the course of the study; as well as to organize continuing education and various study courses for UMC in Estonia.

Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary prepares Christian ministers, leaders and lay workers for churches and Christian organisations by supporting their spiritual formation and offering theological higher education and continuing professional training that takes into consideration the needs of church and society.

1. Introduction

The Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary has adopted a development plan for the next three years based on the main principles and goals of the first development plan in 2010. We are convinced that basic goals and trends do not change too quickly in the education area; however, the ways to reach one’s goals and setting priorities for a given period may change. We say in this document that the Theological Seminary sets as our goal to train theologically well prepared Christians to serve the church and community. In order to reach this goal we emphasize the need to strengthen practical co-operation between the Seminary and the Church, to guarantee the academic quality of studies and to put into practice the principles of serving the Church and the community.

Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary Constitution


§ 1. The Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary (henceforth: The Seminary) is a private school which gives practical post-secondary higher education.

§ 2. The holder of the Seminary is the United Methodist Church in Estonia (the UMC in Estonia), a non-profit organisation (registration code 80196661). The UMC in Estonia is the legal successor of the Seminary (registration code 01800659). The name of the Seminary in English is Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary.

The Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary began as a dream of the United Methodist Church in what was then Soviet occupied Estonia to provide evangelical theological training for church leaders.

Wes Griffin
Wes Griffin

During the fifty years after World War II during which Estonia was forcibly occupied by the Soviet Union, formal theological or pastoral training was prohibited by the communist regime. It was only with the fall of communism in Europe, that Estonia regained her independance and dreams could become reality.