CHURCH PLANTING INSTITUTE, March 5. -8. 2020 in Tallnn, Narva mnt 51.

The conference is organized by the Methodist-related Theological Schools of Europe (MTSE), Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary (BMTS) and Asbury Theological Seminary (ATS).

Methodists celebrate Estonia’s 100th anniversary and 25 years of Methodist higher education at Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary which was possible due to Estonia’s regaining its independence. On this occasion we have a special privilege to organize in Tallinn, Estonia an international conference.

We invite theology students from MTSE member schools all over Europe along with our students and alumni and regional pastors and Christian leaders to Tallinn to think together on the topic of growth and development of churches.

The conference’s goal is to allow for networking and learn new skills to strengthen and plant churches in Europe.


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Teaching will be done by Dr. Phil Meadows from Asbury and faculty from Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary.

The Conference is based on the Church Planting Institute (CPI) developed at ATS and focuses on two important matters

  • how members become disciples.
  • how to move from solo activity to teamwork.

Topics will include:

  • Biblical foundations for an equipping ministry.
  • Motivating, educating and equipping for practical ministry.
  • Envision a shift and gain tools for developing team ministry where pastors and laity are partnered to lead together.
  • Reflect on how principles and practices from the 18th century evangelical revivals can apply and be contextualized into 21st century ministries.
  • Building teams for effective ministry
  • A vision of generative ministry


The event includes a special lecture from a local guest about Estonia’s 100th anniversary and an opportunity to participate in a guided tour of Tallinn (in English).

The conference is in English with simultaneous translation into Estonian and Russian.

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The conference receives funding from:

National Foundation of Civil Society (KÜSK), General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM).

Conference is supported by:

Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital (KÜSK), General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM).