The Academic Committee is responsible for the academic work and desicions of the Seminary. The Academic Committee is made up of the faculty and Secretary under the leadership of the Academic Dean, and is responsible for the academic affairs of the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary.

This includes recommending the immatriculation and exmatriculation of students, dealing with immediate issues involving the academic or personal behavior of students, as well as the development of the curriculum, which are then presented to the President’s Cabinet for approval.

Director: Külli Tõniste
Dean: Mark Nelson
Superintendent of EMK: Robert Tserenkov
Registrar: Anna Seifullina

Faculty representatives:
Douglas Robb Childress
Taavi Hollman
Rein Laaneser
Anne Saluraid
Tatjana Semjonova
Üllas Tankler
Meeli Tankler
Taavet Hindrek Taimla

Student representatives:
Indrek Tormis
Maria Ossipova
Mai Unt

Translator representatives:
Alla Osokina
Kaja Rüütel