The tuition fee for full time students in the 2021/22 academic year is 2050€. 

Residents of the Republic of Estonia may apply for the scholarship the beginning of their first year of studies and annually thereafter. At the beginning of subsequent years of studies, residents of the Republic of Estonia may apply for scholarship if they have completed at least 75% of the previous year’s curriculum. Applications for the scholarship are submitted to the Rector’s Council. Receiving a scholarship depends upon demonstrating financial need, active participation in a local congregation and maintaining good academic standing.

  • Methodist scholarship 1,000 €
  • Ecumenical scholarship 525 €

Part time students, and those registering for an individual course, pay a tuition of 40 € / ECTS.

All figures given above are adjusted annually and posted on the Seminary webpage by the end of March for the coming school year.


Tuition is generally paid per semester. 

  • The payment deadline for the autumn semester is October 15
  • The payment deadline for the spring semester is March 15


Application for the bmts methodist scholarship

Application for the bmts ecumenical scholarship

The accountant will send an invoice after the declaration period ends.

The Seminary has the right to charge interest of 0.2% / day on unpaid fees.
Tuition fees will not be refunded either in the case of withdrawal from the Seminary or in the case of nonattendance of courses.


Students who participate virtually by their own choice (not due to government imposed restrictions) must pay a technology fee of 30€ per study session.

Students who declare their intention to study virtually at the start of the school year will have the technology fee for the four virtual sessions each semester (autumn virtual study sessions are September, October, November and January, spring virtual study sessions are February, March, April, May) added to their semester tuition bill (4 x 30€).

The technology fee is not refunded in the case government imposed restrictions are implemented.


The cost of 1ECTS is determined and posted annually.

  • Exam resit fee. Applies when a student did not take the exam on the dates that were provided and requests additional exam opportunity (cost of 1ECTS).
  • Course resit fee. Applies when a student has previously registered for the course but either did not show for the course or failed the course and is retaking it (cost of 1ECTS).
  • Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Education and Learning (APEL) application processing fee. Cost of 1ECTS will be charged to process one diploma/certificate/continuing education certificate/work experience for transferring up to 10ECTS.
  • Translation service fee. A student needing translation service is required to give prior notification when they cannot attend a lecture or arranged meeting. Translation service fee applies when a translator has been scheduled and the student does not arrive to the meeting or lecture and has not given 24 hours of notification. The translator waits for the student no longer than 1 lecture hour/45 minutes (cost of 1 ECTS).
  • Reimmatriculation application fee (cost of 1ECTS)
  • Duplicate
    • Diploma duplicate fee (cost of 1ECTS)
    • Transcript duplicate fee (cost of 1ECTS)
    • Diploma Supplement duplicate fee (cost of 1ECTS

The seminary will issue a bill at the time of service. The Seminary has the right to charge interest of 0.2% / day on unpaid fees.