Our Seminary offers a three year Bachelor's degree in mission and theology,

connecting knowledge of the Bible and theology with the practical needs of church and society and an ongoing commitment to spiritual growth.

We also offer a one year certificate in Basic Christian Studies.

Seminary study takes place in monthly sessions from Wednesday to Saturday. 

Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary is government accredited private higher education institution 

We want to train Christians, who:

  • are searching for God´s will in their lives,
  • want to learn more about Bible,
  • want to broaden their knowledge of church and society,
  • wish to develop themselves through challenges,
  • wish to better serve their church and communities.

Why study at the BMTS?

Our Seminary offers an ecumenical and multicultural environment with students from different denominations and nationalities.

  • Alongside academic studies significant emphasis is placed on practicums.
  • Importance is laid upon supporting personal growth through fellowship and serving together.

In addition to our own qualified international teachers, we have lecturers from universities abroad, who bring the experience of Christian work in different cultures.

Our graduates work as:

  • ordained ministers in different denominations,
  • chaplains in army and prisons,
  • as professionals in different Christian and humanitarian ministry areas as missionaries, children and youth workers, social workers, pastoral counselors etc.)

Is BMTS for you?

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Are you interested in studying, but are not sure if you are up for it?

  • Try taking an individual class as an auditor – you can participate in the class, with no obligation to complete assignments. Click on Auditing classes for more information.


  • Sign up for our one year certificate in Basic Christian Studies – receive the full benefit of one year of courses. If you decide you want to continue, the courses completed already count towards your bachelor’s degree in Theology and Mission.