Applications from non-EU citizens

The mission of the BMTS is to prepare men and women for ministry in the kingdom of God in Estonia and the wider Baltic region. Non-EU applicants must have a sufficient support network and ministry partnership in Estonia or another EU state in order to meet acceptance requirements. Non-EU applicants must

1. have a valid EU residence permit allowing them to remain in the EU for the duration of their studies,


2. be a citizen of Russia, Ukraine or the USA who provide a written agreement with a recognized Christian congregation in Estonia whereby the congregation takes responsibility for the applicant during their time of study.

This agreement includes offering opportunities for practical ministry service as required in the BMTS curriculum, offering spiritual and other support, as well as providing help with cultural transition and finding the means to settle into life in a new country. Click here to download the written agreement.

The BMTS desires that our students have the best possible situation in which to prepare for Christian ministry, taking into consideration the nature of our study program and the resources available to us. As the BMTS does not offer long-term accommodation and as our cyclical study program requires only 4 days on campus per month, applicants must have a strong local support network before applying to the Seminary.

Effective 2020 the BMTS will only accept non-EU applicants who meet one of the two criteria listed above. The BMTS will provide an invitation for a temporary living permit only to individuals described in criteria 2 above.

Non-EU applicants, who fit criteria 2 above, must submit all required documents between March 1 and April 30, and complete the admission process for non-EU residents in order to begin their studies in August.