The Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary is a community of believers. Students and staff are expected to pursue holiness in personal and social relationships and to conduct themselves as representatives of Jesus Christ. Students and staff are expected to act with respect and consideration for those around them. As the BMTS is an international community with students from a number of different cultural backgrounds, students must be careful that their behavior does not cause a brother or sister in Christ to stumble. Rather, we should at all times seek to build up and encourage each other as we seek daily to become more and more like our Lord.

Superviced Ministry. One of the major opportunities both for fellowship and spiritual guidance is in the Oengo Initiative, Supervised Ministry program. During the regular small group meetings, students share their dreams, their concerns, and their struggles. In this context, it is inevitable that friendships develop that last far beyond the scheduled group activities.

The BMTS welcomes input by students in the continued development of our school. As a result, the student body has the right to elect a representative to bring their concerns to the faculty. The student representative has the right to present and involved in the discussion of these issues by the Academic Committee.

Library. The BMTS Library is located on the second floor of the Baltic Mission Center. It is open during study hours and books may be taken out at no charge. Additional research material is available in either the National Library or the Library of the Academy of Science. These large libraries have a wide range of non-theological literature, much of which is in English.

Computer Room. The Computer Room on the second floor of the Baltic Mission Center contains Celeron 400 computers that are available for student use at no charge. Internet access and e-mail is available as well.

Living Accommodations. There are only temporary living spaces available. For a permanent appartment you might want to search the web. There is lots of good offers online.

Getting Around. As the BMTS is located in the capital city of Tallinn, airports and harbors provide easy access by sea or by air. In Tallinn, an extensive and reliable system of public transportation makes getting around simple and affordable.

Language. Study takes place in English and English is spoken well in Estonia overall. But you would want to consider learning some Estonian to fit in the culture and understand Estonians better. There is Estonian Integration Association MEIS that offers free courses for learning Estonian. Find out more on:


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