According to the BMTS Constitution students have the right to elect representatives to the Board of Students, to present through their elected representative present to the Academic Committee students’ proposals and complaints, and be involved in the discussion of presented proposals (§21, 2 and 3). 

Every class has one representative in the Board of Students who will be elected by his/her class. The representative who will be elected during the first year will remain the representative unless there arises a need for re-election. Re-election can be initiated by seminary leadership or the class if the representative is not fulfilling his or her functions.

Board of Students members are expected to participate at the Academic Committe meetings with vote, and they belong as members to the Board of Trustees.

Board of Students

  • I year representative: Mai Unt, mai.unt(at)
  • II year representative: Indrek Tormis, indrek.tormis(at)
  • III year representative: Maria Ossipova, maria.ossipova(at)


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