Theology and Mission curriculum

Emphasizing the mission as a particular focus of the curriculum is an awareness of the openness and readiness of the church and the ecclesiastical institutions to serve the local community (and in the wider society as a whole), taking into account the cultural and social context and the specific needs of the community.

The theology and mission curriculum is a three year applied higher education program. The volume of the curriculum is 180 ECTS, with major emphasis on practice. The curriculum provides extensive background knowledge of theology, linking them to practical skills in the field of Christian work in both the church and society. By combining theory with practice and offering opportunities for comprehensive personal development, the students of the curriculum provide theoretical and practical skills to work as clergy and professionals in workplaces that require theological knowledge.
The curriculum is available on the Study Informational System SIS or as a PDF file.

One year course: Basic Christian Studies

As an alternative to the acquisition of theological higher education, we offer the opportunity to attend basic course of practical theology for one year. The purpose of the the introductory course of practical theology is to provide basic knowledge of Christian theology and Bible study, and the skills to apply gained knowledge and experience in their congregation and society.
You can find the study program for Basic Christian Studies here.