Need-based special allowance for students matriculated since the academic year 2013/2014. Students have right to apply for need-based special allowance starting from 1. February 2015 

Students have right to apply for need-based special allowance if his/her application for study allowance has been declined in the respective semester on the grounds that according to the register of taxable persons of the Tax and Customs Board the average monthly income of the student and his/her family members exceeds the established maximum average income per family member (329 euros per month, since 1. January 2015).
The amount of special allowance is 135 euros per month and it is granted for one semester.

Conditions and rules of application and payment

Application for need-based special allowance

Needs-based study allowance

Needs-based study allowance can be applied for by a student:

  • who is a citizen of Estonia or resides in Estonia on the basis of a permanent or temporary residence permit;
  • who is not on academic leave;
  • who was first admitted to the university in the 2013/2014 academic year or later;
  • whose period of study has not exceeded the standard period of the curriculum;
  • who studies full-time and completes the curriculum’s requirements in 75% or studies full-time in the first semester;
  • whose family’s monthly income per family member is below 329 euros.

Need based study allowance description

Study Allowances and Study Loans Act