Teaching is organized by four day study sessions (Wednesday through Saturday) once a month, with emphasis on individual work. The Seminary offers Full-time studies, part-time studies,external studies. 

  • Full-time studies where the student fulfils minimum 75 % (45 ECTS in a study year) of the curriculum.
  • Part-time studies where the student fulfils 50 to 74 % (30-44 ECTS in a study year) of the curriculum.
  • External studies are open to those who would like to a have theological education but are not able to undertake full or part time studies. External students are admitted on the same basis as other students, but they do not have the student status. External students can fulfil the curriculum at their own space, sit exams and defend the final paper. They study together with other students and receive credits on the same terms as other students

Nominal time of studies is 3 years.  A student is obligated to complete subjects of the curriculum to a value of 180 ECTS.

It is also possible to complete one-year Certificate Course in Practical Theology. This option is not available to the Non-EU/EEA applicants, who need a visa for studying in Estonia. The only option for them is a degree study of 3 years to acquire Applied Higher Education Diploma which is equivalent to the Bachelor's Diploma.