It is expected that students participate in all lectures. The students cannot be absent from lectures no more than 20%. For further absence the students needs to fill in a form.
Differentiated grading in individual courses or parts of courses takes place in a grading system consisting of six marks as following  Grade, Description
A - Excellent
B - Very Good
C - Good
D - Satisfactory
E - Sufficient
F - Insufficient
The examinations, preliminary examinations or assignments are considered to be accomplished if it is graded from “A” till “E”.
Non-differentiated grading takes place in the form of giving credits; the positive result means that the credit is given, and by negative result the credit is not given.
By calculating GPA, the letters are converted into numbers as follows: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1, F=0

The failure to appear at the examination will be marked into examination protocol. The failure to appear without effective reason is considered equal with an “incomplete” mark after two working days from grading the examination.