After having raised our kids I felt I was free again to do the studies. Just at that time, 1995 the Theological Seminary was founded in our church. Theological questions had started to interest me when I was still singing in the gospel group Sela where our leader Jaanus Kärner made it his main concern that we not only sang well, but also grew in faith.  So, I decided that it was the right time to go and listen what the teachers, most of whom came from America, say. One of the courses in the curriculum was titled Leading Bible Studies in Church. That course gave me the initial push toward teaching profession and since then, I have been leading Bible study groups and Bible and prayer groups in our church.

The studies in the Seminary made me realise that I wanted to go deeper. I continued my studies the School of Theology and Religious Studies in Tartu University receiving the Magister Theologiae degree in 2005.

When I look back at my life, I have to admit that God knows us better than we do. I could not possibly tell what kind of experiences I would have gained being a ceramist, but as a teacher I may say that I have seen over the course of years how God is faithfully working among his children. This makes me rejoice and encourages me to go on.

Courses:  Inductive Bible Study: Mark, Exodus, Romans; New Testament Greek and Exegesis; New Testament Theology.

Ministry experience:

  • BMTS Teacher, 1998 -
  • BMTS Academic Dean 2010-2014
  • UMCE Magazine Koduteel Contributor; Member of the Editorial Team 2016 -  
  • UMCE Lay Preacher
  • Tallinn UMC Bible study and prayer group leader since 1996


  • BMTS, Applied Higher Education Diploma in Theology, cum laude, 1998
  • University of Tartu, BA, thesis Conversions in Acts, 2001University of Tartu, MTheol, cum laude, thesis Gender Equality from the Eschatological Perspective in the Church Context as Illustrated in Galatians 3:28, 2005

Church membership: Tallinn UMC

Contact information:


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