"Children and War" is a seminar-training weekend for psychologists, teachers, social workers, ministers and those who work with children in churches.

Dates: March 1-3, 2024

Location: Tallinn, Narva mnt 51Today the countries of the world are facing the savage reality of brutal wars where life is experienced in the midst of missiles, destruction and painful loss. This is what daily life in Ukraine looks like right now. Here in Estonia and in other European countries where Ukrainians have fled from the violence, we feel the need to help children who are experiencing grief because of war.

How can we cope with the challenges that war has brought? In what ways can we care for the psychological state of children and adults?

How do we protect our children, ourselves and others, so that we can emerge resilient, strengthened in spirit, even after traumatic experiences? 

We invite you on a therapeutic journey of healing for the traumatized soul. The workshop consists of two parts:
  1. Psychological support for the individual in times of grief. Grief occurs when we lose someone or something that is truly precious to us. The pain of that loss affects a person's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. Together, we will seek to learn how to cope with this state, how to understand what we are experiencing and how to navigate the journey through grief.
  2. Spiritual and psychological support during crisis states. We will learn about the narrative therapeutic project "Upanchik Bear in the New Forest".   The project provides children with a soft toy bear, Upanchik.  It includes a story book that has two purposes: the first is to tell the story of the bear, Upanchik, who experiences situations that are similar to the ones in which many people are living today; the second purpose is to provide tools for the psychologist or social worker who will lead a group or individual sessions.
Besides theoretical knowledge, the seminar-training will provide effective practical tools and techniques that you can easily use in your own practice to help others.
The instructor is Oksana Gritsyuta, a practicing psychologist from Ukraine and she will be joined by her professional team of instructors.
Logistical details for the seminar weekend:
  • Organizational fee for participation in the workshop-training is 0 euros.
  • Meals are free of charge for participants.
  • Hotel accommodation for participants from other cities is free of charge.
  • Everyone who fully completes the course will receive a trainer's certificate, which gives the opportunity to train other specialists in the tools and techniques learned during the seminar-training.
The number of participants is limited. Registration is open until 15.02.2024 
Registration is here. 
The organizers and Sponsors for this seminar are: Christian Community "Salt of the Earth", Tallinn Bible Church, Theological Seminary of EMC Tallinn and "Samaritan's Purse".


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