At the end of every year, in the month of December, we have a 🔥 KUUM DAY 🔥 during the last study session.

🔥 So what is happening on this KUUM day?!
On this day, we invite inspiring Christians from various fields to introduce their work and ministry to students and anyone else who is interested!
It is an opportunity to hear from those whose service are powerful testimonies to what God can do in different settings through people with different gifts in order to help us reflect upon how He is calling us!

This time our guests are:
🔥Nikolai Rütkinen - sports chaplain
🔥Thea Kant - director of the orphanage
🔥Priidu Ellam - police chaplain
🔥Livia Nelson - elementary school English teacher

🔥 Why this name?!
This day is named in honor of the Methodist superintendent, Alexander Kuum! (Kuum means "hot" in Estonian). He was an inspiring man of faith who lead the Estonian Methodist Church during the Soviet occupation. His refusal to surrender to the demands of the communist authorities lead to him being sentenced to 25 years in a Siberian prison camp. By God's grace, with the death of Stalin Alexander Kuum was released after serving only 4 years and he returned to continue leading the Church. His example of courage and commitment to God is an inspiration.


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