“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it happen to me
according to your word.” Then the angel left her.… Luke 1:38 (BSB)

Mary is left with unbelievable message to contemplate. She is willing to follow the Lord. Angel has left and she has to act in faith according to the message she has receive.

The time to act upon faith is now. For all of us this year has been unwillingly influenced and marked by wuhan virus and ongoing consequences of fight against it. Governments and churches are trying to cope. Every individual is somehow swayed by it. As I am looking at myself, perhaps I am doing so and so, even I have Christ as my source of Life and Rock of Salvation. This time is complicated and the often syrreal forms of isolation have restarted the ignited desire for deeper meaning and sense of belonging.

As I am in a void of real connection and fellowships of the church people (exept my own family), I now value even the stalling screens of Zoom or thankful sounds of people over conference calls by phone. Human contact becomes rare comodity and we even don’t know what to do with it when we suddenly have it…

God has taught me to be more focused and faithful in my spiritual disciplines and care for my own wellbeing. Habitual reading and regular phone calls to my closed ones and church members are helping to keep in touch. As I have often seen, amazing miracles of healing and joyful presence of Holy Spirit could come, change can happen even over the internet videochats, over weirdly freezing connections and phone audio streams.

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God has allowed us to be part of the season for a reason. I have realized, it is not our task just to wait for better times (or another miracle vaccines, technology etc.) but to share Gospel of Christ with sincerity, power and love of the Holy Spirit. May God fill us with His presence and wisdom to use this time wisely!


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