Coming to the seminary was a long process for me. I can say that it was a clear call from God.

My first thoughts in this direction were probably about 20 years ago and then kept coming back. I remember when Meeli Tankler introduced the Seminary at an Annual Conference and handed out flyers. I put it in my Bible, thinking, let it be there. Maybe somebody else will need it or something. But my fingers found it from time to time and made me ponder. Two autumns passed. Then I decided that if the thought came up

again during the year, God was behind it. One beautiful winter evening, I was walking with a non-Christian friend and talking to her about my church work. At one point, out of the blue and out of context, she told me that I should go and study it. At that moment, I realized that the thought had returned, stronger than ever. From that moment on, I found myself constantly in conversations that unexpectedly encouraged me to go in that direction or answered my questions about the Seminary. Making the final decision was a big leap of faith, but I felt I had to do it to grow in the calling God had for me.

I'm very glad that I didn't come to Seminary 20 years earlier. The way God has been able to build on my life experience so far has been amazing to me. I have come to know God, his Word, and myself. My gifts and strengths have come to the fore very strongly during this time and have been noticed by others. I have grown spiritually and also as a person. The fact that the studies have gone so well has probably been the biggest surprise for me.