For several years I had been thinking about going to university, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do and where.

Having served as a pastor for many years, I felt the need to improve and learn more, because I wanted to be even better in ministry. One morning, while praying together with Bishop Ago Lilleorg, he said: “I think you should go to the Methodist Seminary this year, what do you think?” It was a great encouragement and confirmation for me to take this step. I also found out that Alur Õunpuu, the Estonian Pentecostal Church leader, was also starting his studies at the same school, so it's all the nicer when you can study with friends.

Once in the Seminary, I needed to learn to study again. It wasn't easy, it had been many years since I had finished school. However, it was an exciting process. In the midst of it, I learned to plan my time even better and the concept of delegation became clearer. It certainly made me realize what God has put in me and how much you can fit into a short day.

I am grateful that I was able to study at the Seminary and that this was possible for me in the first place. The excellent teachers brought out the best in me and, with loving insistence, did not let me stay in my comfort zone. I was forced to read books that I probably never would have picked up otherwise. Through it all, my horizons and knowledge have been greatly broadened and my picture of God expanded. In the process of learning, I have realized how little I really know and how much I still have to learn