BMTS is happy to announce that our alumnus Allan Kroll will begin teaching for us this autumn!

Allan graduated from our Seminary in 2006, having written his Diploma Paper on the Effata Revival and defended his Master’s thesis at UI in 2020 on the topic, “Spiritual Gifts and Spiritual Manifestations from the Apostolic Fathers until Augustine.” (VAIMUANDED JA VAIMUILMINGUD APOSTLIKEST ISADEST AUGUSTINUSENI.)

Allan is a pastor at Valguse Tee congregation, a prison chaplain and a well known preacher on radio and in congregations across Estonia. Allan also leads the Valguse Tee Bible school program which had 223 participants from 63 congregations and 7 different denominations in their 2019/2020 group.

We are honoured and excited to welcome Allan back to the Seminary!

If you want to study deeper with Allan and the rest of our faculty, you can find a Seminary application here.

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