Life before and after the virus is worth describing. As recently as on March 8 we had Dr. Phil Meadows preaching in Tallinn Methodist Church. He preached on John 20:19-22. After the death of Jesus, when the disciples were sitting behind the locked doors, fearful of what could happen if they proclaimed the Gospel in the name of Jesus, Jesus himself came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!”

None of us could imagine how prophetic this message since the very next day we were all sitting behind the locked doors hiding from the devastating virus. Yet, the church has stepped out of her comfort zone by live-streaming worship services, prayers, and Bible studies. The church has come out to encourage people. We have a God who raises the dead, we need not be afraid of the deadly virus.

In the Seminary, we also follow the social distancing rules hoping it contributes to the end of the pandemic. We hold contact with each other through online prayers. What a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel, encourage each other, and turn our attention to God for whom all things are possible! Let the Holy Spirit free you from all fear - we have God who will raise the dead. We wait for the resurrection! Let us always celebrate Easter and remember the words of resurrected Lord always. Do not fear!

Rector Dr. Külli Tõniste


Sermon by Phil Meadows on March 8 at Tallinn Methodist Church.


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