Seminary study sessions are taking place through a combination of online and independent study. Students have the possibility to complete this semester’s courses before summer on a modified and flexible schedule.

Each teacher has been instructed to communicate directly with his/her students to let them know what to expect.

Students are asked to check their Seminary email address ( regularly for updates and information on your courses.

As a spiritual community, we are developing opportunities to meet online to pray and encourage each other. We ask that you stand with us in seeking God’s face and God’s will in this situation. The world may change. How is God calling you and your congregation to respond?

In Christ,

Mark Nelson,


Eesti Metodisti Kiriku Teoloogiline Seminar pakub tööd Infotehnoloogia Spetsialistile

Infotehnoloogia spetsialisti töö sisuks on EMKTS-i IKT-valdkonna arendamine ja haldamine.

Koormus 0,5.

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