During the spring semester, BMTS second and third year students enrolled in Denominational Studies course had a privilege to learn about about the history, theology and practices of different Christian denominations. In June, our guests were Urmas Viilma, the archbishop of Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Highpriest Mattias Palli from Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church. One of the goals of the course is to help the students appreciate the unique contributions made by different churches in understanding and worshipping God. Students are also encouraged to think respectfully and oecumenically about other Christians and creatively about how different churches can work together to fulfill Christ's Great Commission. Discussions were facilitated by BMTS dotsent, Külli Tõniste, Ph.D. Earlier in the semester Rev. Erki Tamm from the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia (EEKBKL), bishop Ago Lilleorg from Estonian Christian Pentecostal Church and bishop Philippe Jourdan from Roman Catholic Church also spoke to the students. The Seminary thanks all the lecturers for their gracious participation and substantive lectures.