Admissions for new students is open!
The Seminary offers a bachelor's degree in Mission and Theology.
Otaining your degree requires completing a 3-year study program, which connects a broad base in Bible, Christian beliefs, and church history with practical ministry skills and experience in a way that supports your  spiritual growth.

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16.06.2022 we celebrated the 24th graduating class to earn their Seminary degree! In addition to the main graduates, our students, teachers and staff, members of the Methodist Church, friends, associates and loved ones helped to make one of the most important events of the year special!
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Be courageous, trust in God, and notice those in need around you.
Even when we have it all planned out, it's always possible that things will turn out differently. Sometimes even things that usually stand firm, like the ground under our feet, can become unsteady. The Bible uses the image of an earthquake to remind us that there is nothing on earth that cannot be shaken. ONLY GOD is eternal and changeless.
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We woke up on February 24th 2022 to celebrate Estonia's Independence day. Our celebrations became somber as we heard of Russia's attack on Ukraine's sovereignty with bombs falling on Kyiv.

At the Independence Day, our president Alar Karis and government members wore blue-yellow ribbons in support of Ukraine. Even military officers wore it on their uniform! This is how much sorrow we feel over this situation.

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Dr. Külli Tõniste has served as rector of Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary since August 2018. On September 4th, the  Estonian Methodist Annual Conference confirmed her continuation as rector for the next three years. Bishop Christian Alsted and Superintendent Robert Tserenkov prayed over her to ask for God’s blessing upon her as she continues in office.

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The founder and the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary Board Member, Superintendent Emeritus Olav Pärnamets is the recipient of the 2021 World Methodist Council Peace Award for his ministry during the Soviet era, as well as in the re-established Republic of Estonia. It is the highest award granted by the Methodist Church, and its recipients include former US President Jimmy Carter and Nelson Mandela.
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On June 21, 2021, the graduation ceremony of the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary took place, where 10 students from class 2021 graduated

Lõpuaktus-jumalateenistusel osalesid lõpetajatega koos nende lähedased, Seminari vilistlased, õppejõud ja töötajad. Video vahendusel eestseisuse liikmed Eestist, Norrast, Taanist, Lõuna-Koreast ja USAst.

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On June 9 and 10, 2021, ten students of the Class 2021 of the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary successfully defended their diploma papers. Diploma theses are either research papers or ministry projects of the student's choice.
The event took place in parallel on-site and online, with faculty, committee, and guests.

Are you interested in learning more about the Bible, Christian theology and mission? Are you thinking about studying in the Seminary? Join one of our virtual open door classes through Zoom!

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Support ukrainians


We offer Ukrainian war refugees
learning opportunities

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