A few months later, I received Christ at one of the ministries of Victor Gamm, an evangelist of the Billy Graham Association. He was talking about the lost son and it was a sermon about me. God accepted me, came out to meet me - sacrificed His Son! This is the greatest love!
In 2001, my sister and I came to study at the EMC Theological Seminary. The theological disciplines revealed the character of God, and I marveled at how many-sided He is. Particularly I was touched by the lessons on the study of the Word of God. I was very interested in the inductive method at the lectures of Anna Saluraid, I listened to this subject twice - with my students and with external students. And some of the ideas from the Andragogy course by Lia Lilleoja I still apply in my lessons today.
During the period of study at the Seminary for 2 years, I returned to my native church to develop the Sunday School, where I completed the training program for teachers of the international ministry "Children's Mission". Also, God sent me to work at the Christian University for the Humanities and Economics as a methodologist for the dean's office. Also there I entered the faculty of psychology, later moved to the faculty of journalism to strengthen the ministry of the newspaper that we published. I completed my studies at the Seminary in 2006, and the theme of my thesis determined my ministry with my husband for the next 10 years - family seminars for married couples.
Then there was a master's degree in journalism, serving in the leadership of the Methodist Church, studying at the international ministry courses of the Children's Evangelism Society, which, by the way, uses the inductive method when preparing lessons for children. Serving children in the Sunday School, organizing and leading family seminars, many years of volunteering experience in teen and children's camps, as well as teaching in the Seminary - my whole life is connected with teaching, and I see how God works with children and adults through immersion in His Word.
Subjects: Inductive study: Gospel from Mark, Letter to the Romans, Exodus; Greek NT and Exegesis; OT prophecies.

Work and service experience:
1996-1999 Odessa Medical University (Ukraine); laboratory assistant of the Department of Philosophy, Psychology and Pedagogy
2002-2005 Christian University of Humanities and Economics (Ukraine); dean's methodologist
2002-2005 United Methodist Church of Odessa "Holy Way" (Ukraine); Sunday School and youth group organizer and teacher
2006-2011 Christian newspaper "Family"; co-founder and editor-in-chief
2008-2019 Family Ministry of the Russian Community EMC; jointly with the spouse organizers of seminars
2011-2017 Russian Community of goods and materials; Secretary
2011-2021 Leadership meeting of the Russian Community TMC; meeting participant
2012-… MTÜ Noortekeskus Generation2; volunteer, co-organizer of teenage and children's camps, teacher
2013-… International Organization "Society for the Evangelization of Children"; volunteer
2014-… EMC Theological Seminary; teacher
2017-… Sunday School TMC; teacher

2001-2006 Theological Seminary of the Estonian Methodist Church; theology and applied pedagogy (diplom
Diploma topic: "The Role of the Husband and the Role of the Wife in a Christian Marriage"
2008-2013 Christian University of Humanities and Economics; journalism
(diplom RKL 002469).
Diploma topic: "Russian-language journalism in Estonia"
2012-2013 Moscow University of Humanities and Economics; journalism (diploma 75791).
Diploma topic: "Development of print Russian-language journalism in Estonia"

Church affiliation:
2001-2005 United Methodist Church of Odessa "Holy Way"
2005-… Russian Community of the Estonian Methodist Church TMC in Tallinn

Contact details:
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