While studying at the Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary, I discovered much more than I could imagine: I encountered different forms of sanctification and different ways of thinking. Above all, I was fascinated by the depth of the Bible study and the discussions with students and faculty about the key issues of life: Who is God? Who is a person? Who has God created a person to be? Deepening interest in finding answers to theological questions led me to study in Germany. The learning experience at Reutlingen College has further broadened my horizons and contributed to my personal and spiritual development. Abroad, I understood my identity better and I could see Estonian context from a new perspective. In my Bachelor's thesis, I did - with monograph of H.-M. Barth - theological analysis of the secularisation in Eastern Germany, which is comparable to the Estonian situation. At Master's level, I studied Christian ethics and identity in the context of other religions (especially Buddhism), which was motivated by the exchange semester spent in Japan and Hans Küng’s the concept of Global Ethic. I feel in my heart a call to missionary work especially among Finno-Ugric peoples. That's why I've been to many short-term mission trips in the Russian periphery to support young Christians in their growing faith.

As I returned to Estonia after completing my studies abroad, I was asked to teach Estonian church history in the Seminary. Exploring this area, I discovered how exciting and diverse the history of religion in Estonia is. Teaching at the seminar is a very enriching experience for me and I hope that students can learn through my subject how God works through the history of Estonia.

Ministry Experience:

  • Eesti Metodisti Kiriku Teoloogiline Seminar, registrar, 2016-2019
  • Eesti Metodisti Kiriku Teoloogiline Seminar, lecturer, 2017


  • Eesti Metodisti Kiriku Teoloogiline Seminar, 2009-2012 (unfinished)
  • Reutlingen School of Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, 2012-2014
  • NCC Center for Study of Japanese Religions, Kyoto, 2015
  • Hochschule Reutlingen, Master of Arts in Theology, 2014-2016. Master's Thesis: "Menschenrechte im Buddhismus und Christentum" ("Human Rights in Buddhism and Christianity"), supervised by Michael Nausner.
  • Tallinn University, Education Management (MA of Education), 2018 (unfinished)

Church Membership:

  • Tallinn Christian Praise Chapel Congregation, volunteer, 2007-2018
  • Fenno-Ugric mission, short term missionary trips, 2010-2018