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New Spirituality in  21st century Estonia with Allan Kroll

Horoscopes, witches and a wide variety of spiritual teachings and practices are extremely popular in Estonia. In this 12-hour course, we will explain what these are all about and how Christians should react. If you want to do evangelism in Estonia, then this course is for you.

Part I - Wednesday 2. June 9.00-12.45 – free for all as an Open Doors lecture

(register for the free Open Doors lectures here)

Part 2 - Thursday 3. June 9.00-11.45
Part 3 - Friday 4. June 11.00-17.00
Participate in person at the BMTS, Narva mnt. 51 Tallinn, or through Zoom.

Participation in the entire course (parts 2-3) requires a separate registration and payment. The course may be taken either for credit or as an auditor.

This subject is so important for Estonian Christians who want to tell their neighbours about Jesus that we are offering 50% off course participation fee if you register to take the entire course.

New Spiritualities in 21st century Estonia, 2 EAP regular cost 64€, discount cost 32€.

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