Vilistlane Marko Põld

It took me several years to decide where is the right place to study theology. Having served in my church as a pastor for years, I understood that in order to be more effective in ministry I need to continue my studies. One morning I spent some time with my bishop, who asked about my plans. He suggested that I should enrol at the Theological Seminary. One of my co-workers had also decided to take that step and I was greatly encouraged – it is always easier to study together with friends.The beginning was not easy, because first I had to learn again to study. Many years had passed since my last graduation. Nevertheless it turned out to be very exciting experience. I learned to manage my time and delegate tasks to others. I became aware of my spiritual gifts and hidden abilities that enabled me to complete the studies. I am very greatful for the opportunity to study in the Seminary. I discovered many good books  that have broaden my wordview and led me into deeper understanding of God. Lovingly demanding teachers made me to step out of the comfort zone. Thanks to the Seminary I understand the limits of my knowledge and need for lifelong studies.


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